SENCO strives to become the leading investment firm along and around the hydrogen value chain

We deliver superior returns while achieving positive environmental impact

SENCO is the gateway for responsible investors to the hydrogen sector

Every day, we contribute to a clean and decarbonized future for our children. Our investments in attractive companies and seminal infrastructure along the hydrogen value chain enable our investors to participate in positive environmental impact beyond mere returns.

Due to our sector focused approach, we enjoy profound market intelligence resulting in significant value for our investors, portfolio companies and all other stakeholders within the hydrogen eco-system.



Our professional execution and in-depth industry expertise support superior returns and outstanding client service


We promote clean tech innovations as a key to advancing humanity and protecting the environment


Our investment strategy is committed to climate protection and aims for net zero emissions


We positively contribute to humanity, social prosperity and the promotion of equal opportunities


Our management culture sets an example for equally serving nature, society and our investors


SENCO was founded by a passionate group of experienced investment professionals and leading hydrogen experts. We are an independent investment firm providing institutional investors with one-stop access to the fast growing hydrogen economy.

Long standing team relationships, excellent market and technology knowledge, a close-knit and well cultivated network as well as direct access to the hydrogen related industry are our assets. We promise to utilize these for the benefit of our investors and portfolio companies.


As a sector focused investment firm with deep hydrogen engineering knowledge, SENCO drives decarbonisation and creates long-term values for society, nature and its investors. SENCO develops and invests in attractive infrastructure projects and key companies along the hydrogen value chain. We generate sustainable, risk-adjusted and ESG-compliant returns.

Company Investments

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Company Investments

SENCO executes buy-out and growth investments in appealing companies that support the development of the hydrogen value chain. We look for seminal, sustainable and scalable business models with growth potential, e.g. system manufacturers, component suppliers, operators or service providers. Besides core technologies and services, a working infrastructure is key to developing the hydrogen industry as a whole.

Infrastructure Investments

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Infrastructure Investments

SENCO targets the development, financial structuring and management of existing as well as planned hydrogen infrastructure projects and plants, e.g. renewable energies, hydrogen generation, synthesis, pipelines, caverns, distribution terminals or filling station networks.


  • We are committed to Excellence, Innovation, Nature, Society and Fairness
  • Sustainability criteria are key aspects at every step of our investment process
  • Our investment strategy follows the UN Paris Agreement on climate change
  • Our activities contribute to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner
  • We actively reduce carbon emissions of our portfolio companies by implementing ESG strategies and energy management
  • We provide our investors with state of the art ESG reporting


SENCO focuses on investments related to the entire hydrogen value chain, starting with renewable power generation and including derivatives such as clean ammonia and methanol.

We are convinced that there is no alternative to hydrogen for a significant decarbonization in the areas of mobility, industrial and residential consumption as well as general power generation.

Power Generation

Power Distribution

Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen Distribution

Hydrogen Consumption


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